Welcome to The Recovery Portal, an innovative, non-profit organisation that is paving the way for results based care for our most vulnerable community members.  With record suicide rates and mental health on the decline, early intervention when people are ‘at risk’ is key.

The Recovery Portal Ltd (TRP) is a fully registered non-profit WA organisation that runs two registered charities Women’s Recovery Community (WRC, over 1000 members) and Men’s Recovery Community (MRC, newly founded and just over 200 members). These charities provide FREE 24hr/365day online support, in-person support groups and events for people in recovery from trauma, grief, addiction, illness, disability, mental illness, anxiety, depression and the like.

Jacqueline Lemmey (Creator, Founder and Managing Director) is a woman living semi-rurally in the Perth hills with three young children who has navigated her own complex recovery journey and personally experienced the disparity of the current system. Desperate to access real support, community and move forward with her life after a major suicide attempt has created an organisation with little more than her phone and a computer a friend gave her. A domestic violence and abuse survivor, recovered alcoholic/addict, with a degree in clinical psychology and a proven history in large scale corporate start-up. Jacqueline has created an organisation that currently directly helps over 1000 people in Recovery (daily) and countless others indirectly.

The Recovery Portal Limited is run by a Board of Directors, four women and men, and a Management Team who are passionate about creating completely accessible and FREE 24hour support, events and platforms for people in all forms of recovery.

Our mission is to provide a highly innovative model of operation that provides individuals with complete access to core foundations for recovery. These include a sense of community, acceptance and a safe space to learn about all modes of recovery as they begin their healing and a path toward a new life.

  • Supports all forms of recovery, including Alcohol and Other Drug use, domestic violence, mental health and suicide prevention
  • Supports stages of recovery – crisis, treatment and aftercare
  • Provides 24-hour online support 365 days of the year
  • Employs a therapeutic community-based model
  • Facilitates and provides FREE events, support groups, education, networking and personal coaching
  • Current membership >1000 women and men (expanding rapidly)

For current information connect with us on FacebookLike and Follow via the following links.

The Recovery Portal 

Women’s Recovery Community

Men’s Recovery Community

WRC First Nations


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