WRC First Nations has been formed in honour of First Nations people around the world who’s recovery has not been recognised or given the true care and attention it deserves.

WRC First Nations is about connecting people who are Indigenous to their land and non-indigenous people, in a way that fosters healing and unity.

WRC First Nations vision is to become a voice of all those in Recovery wishing to create a new story where honour and recognition of the wisdom of First Nations people are restored to its rightful place.

WRC First Nations is co-founded by Renna Gayde whose passion for the healing and recognition of First Nations people inspired WRC/MRC Creator Jacqueline Lemmey to create and co-found this phenomenal new chapter of WRC…

As an indigenous woman in recovery, I am saddened by our over-representation as statistics brought on by colonisation across the board, AOD, justice, MH, physical health and child protection.
For generations, our elders have fought for equality and the right to have a voice…. Our time is now.
Whilst we have the opportunity to be heard and recognised, I am acutely aware of our under-representation at the table. 

How do we engage first nations people to stand and take their place as healers and leaders in this space?                                                                                                                                            How do we engage in a way that we can share in the collective wisdom and power that cultures have drawn on to survive for thousands and millions of years?

WRC has proven to be a safe and inclusive space for so many women and I hope to promote that within our communities to encourage our recovery sisters to ask and answer these questions with me. I believe the keys to recovery, healing and wholeness can be used to unlock untold wisdom that can lead us all to a happier, healthier and sustainable future when we all work together.” – Renna Gayde

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First Nations

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